The Rise of Machines!

IBM has just announced that it has developed a computer chip that mimics the human brain. The Cognitive Computing Project to develop these chips lasted six years with funding by IBM and a 40 million dollar grant from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). So it is clear that such “human’ microchips are to be used in defense applications…oh joy! The objective is to create a computer that can’t simply carry out the tasks already programmed into it, but analyze the external factors and spontaneously change its behavior. In other words the ability to adapt to new types of information that are not programmed in advance.

In 2009 the project was able to simulate a cat’s brain and 1% of a human’s cerebral cortex. We wonder how humanity will react should extraterrestrial life be discovered, I wonder how we will react to a machine that can think and act like a human. Will we soon discover that we are no longer the smartest “species” on the planet and when we do how will we react, especially if such “species” are “working” in the military establishment?